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Today marks the 239th anniversary of when the original thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776 (USA's independence). For this anniversary, Slabcraft will be holding a sale lasting from today, July 4th to tomorrow July 5th of the store. Everything in the store ( is now 30% off, so go and grab a rank while this offer lasts.
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Hello Tributes,

Today, I have pushed out an update to the Survival Games servers with numerous bug fixes and features that were added. To begin with, we have added 2 new maps and a fix to the old one.

(NEW MAP: "Green Grass")

(NEW MAP: "Shady Hollow")
FIX: In Holiday Resort, we have fixed the map regeneration. Now it doesn't look like the entire map was griefed.

FIX: Stats not loading correctly and giving incorrect information.

FIX: Lag issues

FIX: Minor bugs

ADDED: Tier 2 chests at spawn. You will now receive better loot at spawn.

ADDED: Top 10's List that tracks kills. The top 10 list can be found at the main lobby when you join a Survival Games match. It will be displayed as a hologram.

The Top 10 list...​
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Hello SlabCraft,

Hey guys its Zack0101 here to inform you guys about a HUGE update that is going to be happening on the SlabCraft network in the Month of July! Every server on the network is being updated to its finest form of attractions, work ethic, and of course suggestions from you, the players! I would like to thank you guys for being such an awesome community to work for, as a Head-Admin it is hard sometimes to work and work, but to realize that all the hard work gets to help a great community is more than enough. The tops servers that we are releasing are Creative, Factions, KitPvP, and Skyblock! These servers have deserved an update, either from outdated spawns, outdated plugins, or just suggestions from the players! So along with these awesome updates we are going to have awesome events. Here are a list of events that will be happening on the Network during the week of July 13th - July 18th.

Events happening on the week of July 13th- July...