by johnb165 at 10:39 PM
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Hey all, I have launched the prison server for player testing. I will not go into depth with this thread, but I will tell you what you need to know. Please remember to report all bugs to staff members and we will fix it as soon as possible. On a final note, ranks are not finalized yet.

  • Added crates. You can get these from voting. The more you vote the higher the tier you will receive.
  • Added minecrates. Mining will grant you free crates for you to open
  • Added a gamble NPC. Gamble your money for even higher earnings.
  • If you PVP outside a safezone and run back in, you can still be attacked.
by johnb165 at 8:45 PM
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Everyone has been expecting an update from the staff regarding the current state of SlabCraft. In this announcement, I will address a few things and clear up some unanswered questions you guys may have.
First of all, we are not going to be switching to a global donator rank system. Next, most of our server should be finished and ready for production on May 10th. Why I say "most" is that I cannot work on them today (5/8/2016) because the server's machine is down and the only who can bring that back up is @Mick. On the 10th, our new donation store will be up as well as our new redesigned website. Regarding the update that was supposed to happen on April 20th, we are truly sorry that we did not finish the servers in time and we take full responsibility of what happened. Finally, regarding the EULA, we will comply with it, meaning we cannot offer ranks that supply an in game advantage on the store anymore. An announcement by @Mick,...
by Mick at 11:23 AM
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Hello, all.
Just writing a quick announcement to let you know that the server revamp and reset will be on the 20th of April at midnight EST. During the reset several things will happen including:
  • All servers switched over to the new and reset servers
  • Donation store completely switched over to be EULA-complaint (more information below)
  • Website redesigned, reorganised, and applications modified (or removed)
The donation store for SlabCraft will be getting changed majorly, and the ranks are being made global. The reason they are global is so that you get the most out of what you have paid. We have tried to give the ranks as much as we could while still complying with the EULA that Mojang set out. More information about this will be in tomorrow's announcement.

Also, for simplicity, I have created a countdown clock for the update which can be seen here. The server will be down from 9pm-12am just before the update...