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Hey everyone,

I've seen a cool suggestion made by one of you guys and it is to implement a Discord server. This server will replace our Teamspeak which was rarely ever used. Unlike Teamspeak, Discord has a clean and outstanding user interface that allows voice channels as well as text channels. I have divided the server into separate channels dedicated towards the gamemodes we have on our server currently. We hope to see you guys on and having a great time!

Discord Link:
(Note: You must have a verified account to join. Just sign up and confirm your account with the e-mail you provided to gain the verified status!)
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Almost a month ago, we closed SlabCraft in an effort to reset everything while fixing up the server as it was in its prime time of being a disaster. The staff team and I are very pleased to announce the grand reopening of the SlabCraft Network. Before I announce what changed, I would personally like to thank everyone who welcomed me warmly as the new owner of SlabCraft as I could not be here without all of you!

Store Changes
▲Added Global Donator Packages. These packages contains ranks that are issued across the entire network.
▲ We currently have a temporary look of the store until our new one is made. You can change the theme of the webstore to something else. ▲ Added a Generosity Donation package. With this package, you can send a generous donation to the server with no ingame value.
▲ Added Global Tags. These tags will display in front of your name with a set color...
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Hello everyone,

As some of you may know, Mick is no longer the owner of SlabCraft.
It was decided yesterday that he will step down from his position.

I am now happy to announce that I will be the new owner of SlabCraft. I would like for you guys to take advantage of the "Suggestions" forum, and submit any suggestion you would like to be added to the server there. On another note, I will be archiving threads that were locked will be moved to the archives to clean everything up. Here's to a better future guys :).