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by TheLonewolf88 at 2:24 PM
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Hi guys, I just wanted to officially announce that there will be a build competition to replace spawn on Creative. All builds that are submitted must be able to be used as a spawn. The Competition will end, on the 13th of February, Judgement will commence then.

Remember that a Spawn is generally open and spacious, and may vary in detail level. This means that having the most detailed build does not guarantee that you will win! It needs to be aesthetically pleasing (nice to look at) and not too in your face.

Seeing as this is a build comp for a new spawn the main prize was having your plot as spawn. I was considering something involving ranks as well, but I haven't even had the chance to inquire about that, so thanks for jumping the gun guys. If you have any questions please In-Game message, or forums message; TheLoneWolf88, rileymoogoo, masteragent12, or higgs28.

Must Take up the entire plot (75x75)
- Maximum of 3 builders
- Center-point...
Screen Shot 2015-01-03 at 4.35.46 PM.png
by ArmorofGlory at 4:39 PM
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I'll be live streaming on twitch answering many of your questions.
Tune in 5:00 PM Eastern Time Zone!

NOTE: Not all questions will be answered about myself or the server. Only those questions will be answered that I find necessary.
by ArmorofGlory at 4:14 PM
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Slabcraft has been open for quite a while now and we're still running thanks to you. It's been a terrific year, one where we've set great records. We've reached well over a record breaking mark of 600 players online at the same time earlier in the year. We've released a completely original gamemode called Flatcore that we've learned so much from. Slabcraft was shared all over and partnered with special Youtubers! Our servers were constantly updated and improved. And of course the community has gained a lot of new players. We thank everyone of you that continues to play!

Let's start this year right with a 30% OFF the entire store sale - January 1st, 2015! (ONE-DAY)

Visit our webstore @
by ArmorofGlory at 10:31 AM
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Holiday Greetings to everyone!

Hope everyone has a happy, fun, and exciting break over the holidays! We'd like to celebrate with you by giving you a 25% off sale at! The sale will be active from December 20th and end December 29th! Because the majority of you will be getting their presents later in the week, with Christmas right around the corner, this sale will be all week long. Take advantage and save 25% on the entire store!
by ArmorofGlory at 9:32 PM
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It's now December and much of you have eagerly waited for the winners for November. Here they are!

CONEST #1: "The first contest is Voting. Players with the MOST Votes at the end of the month will win prizes. You MUST have a total of 100 votes or more to qualify for any of the prizes. "

Top Voters for November
1st - akgummy (129 votes): $40.00 Store credit
2nd - Fadehitman (119 votes): $30.00 Store credit
3rd - Endereye10 (109 votes): $20.00 Store credit
4th - KitKat727 (105 votes): $10.00 Store credit
5th - skyraider112 (96 votes):Website acknowledgement

CONTEST #2: "The second contest is based upon player activity. We value all of our players, but some of the players come back more then others. For this contest, we'd like to reward our most active players! Your online time will be tracked every time you're logged on. Don't worry, AFKing is not permitted and the server will handle those players and kick them...
by TheLonewolf88 at 8:06 PM
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As many of you all know, Creative has just been updated! Everything has been reset, and we are now using a whole new different server system. Any non-purchased ranks have been removed. Instead, new ranks are available, including ranks that grant you access to world edit!
The Ranks are as follows;

: $10
Perks Include:
~ Own up to 10 different plots! (/plotme auto)
~ Set 3 different multiple homes. (/home)
~ Create yourself custom warps (/setwarp)
~ Fireworks Command (/firework)
~ Enderchest Command (/echest)
~ Display your current block depth (/depth)
~ Teleport yourself to the last prior position (/return or /back)
~ Teleport yourself to the highest block of your current location (/top)

: $25
Perks Include:
~ Own up to 15 different plots! (/plotme auto)
~ Set 5 different multiple homes. (/home)
~ Create yourself custom warps (/setwarp)
~ Fireworks Command (/firework)
~ Enderchest Command (/echest)
by Rikashae619 at 1:21 PM
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I would like to inform all the Creative server players of SlabCraft that it Will be down from time to time due to a reset we are having where all new things will be added for your guys benefit and happiness. We hope you guys love it and will work to make it as best as possible. It will be released tomorrow!
by Pouil4 at 12:25 AM
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Well hello there :D
As some of you know the Skyblock server had been whitelisted for some updates, which were released just a couple hours ago. With this update all islands have been reset completely, along with balances, inventories, enderchests, and xp levels. Many things have been changed or added to help improve the gaming experience for all players, I'll give a brief explanation about some of the new features and how to access them ingame.

Changes made:

- Added lootcrates
- Added jobs plugin
- Added trails for donors (Type /donate ingame to see what each rank receives)
- Fixed pets plugin to work on Skyblock
- Adjusted spawner changing prices
- Adjusted /shop prices (It's worth noting that you are now able to sell iron and gold items now, for a low price of course)
- Buffed Skyblock challenge rewards
- Removed a couple challenges that were impossible to do
- Added in bookworm challenge

Things that may be...
by ArmorofGlory at 5:27 PM
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Much of you have requested an updatedHub. Today we've released a more modern, detailed, yet elegant hub. It's main focus is to showcase all of the servers at a glance when you join. All of the servers have a designated portal just as before, but are all together in one lobby.

A few additions have been made to the hub. Donors may still fly in hub, however we've unlocked all of the /trails for them. All you have to do is become a donor on Slabcraft by purchasing any rank you'd like. There's also an informative book we've included you may click on for quick information about us. The chat is now enabled for everyone. I hope you all love the great new hub and stop by to play!
by Rikashae619 at 8:39 AM
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1st: MineCraftkid2087
3rd: 420BlazinItSwaG

Thank you for participating in the Annual Purge!

Hello Crafters,

I would like to inform you of our annual purge taking place on November 8th-November 9th. The purge is a event we have every year on the Slabcraft prison server where all are PvP rules are lifted aside from hacking. This allows you to go and attack anyone without fear of the guards getting in the way.

The activities that will be going on during the purge are:

Pvp/kills Contest: