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by Zack0101 at 11:39 AM
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As all of you KitPvP players know, the old Events Manager, Rileymoogoo, organized a very cool idea that would boost the activity of the players on our KitPvP server! The idea was to get as many players as we could to participate in a 2v2 Tournament! This event will be happening! The date is unknown, all people must private message me, or reply on this thread, their teammate. If you do not have a teammate, don't worry! We will assign you a teammate if you do not have a teammate. I will try my best to get all the teams to get into this tournament.

What will be in the Tournament?
Well, there will be 2 teams of 2 players fighting to move up into the Tournament. This tournament will be Single Elimination! Meaning that if you lose once, you are out of the tournament. All players will use our Tournament kit.

What is in the Tournament Kit?
The tournament kit will be:
Diamond Armor:
by Zack0101 at 7:49 PM
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It seems that everyone has forgotten the rules to the Application process. The Application Process is a long process and requires a lot of patience throughout.

-No asking Staff to read your application
-No arguing with the Head-Admin's decisions
-You may apply once a month!!!
-Follow all directions in the sections!
-No lying on your application.
-Asking staff to read your application gets an automatic rejection.
-Arguing with a decision will probably give you the permission to not be able to apply again.
-Applying more than once a month with end with a suspension from the application system.
-Not following all directions could get your application rejected.
-Lying on your application will end in revoking your privileges of applying.

I hope everyone now understands this process, and I also hope people start following these rules!

Thanks, Zack0101,...
by johnb165 at 2:36 PM
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Hello, this thread marks an update to Prison. What has been updated? Please read more down below.

- We have added a new Gang System

What is this Gang System, and how does it work?
  • Create/disband gangs, invite/uninvite/kick players
  • Promote/demote players (there are 5 customizable ranks with different permissions in each gang)
  • Gang and player statistics with kills, deaths, KDR, fights won, fights lost, WLR (won/lost rate)
  • Togglable friendly fire (for both administator and each gang's leader)
  • Gang bank account
  • Chat-based leaderboard (top 10 with highest KDR and WLR)
  • Fights - configure multiple fight arenas, challenge other gangs, bet and win/lose money
  • Reward players for upgrading the gang to higher level
  • Notifications can be broadcasted using 1.8 titles
  • /g help - list of all gang-related commands
  • /g list - list of all gangs
  • /g top - gangs leaderboard
  • /g info <gang> - specified...
by johnb165 at 9:40 PM
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We are proud to announce that we're going to start hosting events. Events will include, any mini-game or game mode of your guys' choice. We will be planning our first event very soon! As far as rewards go, we are still discussing that. You can use this thread to post any information you guys want in events, and what event we should have.

Vote above for our first event!

You are also welcome to post your suggestions :).
by Zack0101 at 1:44 PM
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Hello fellow SlabCraft Players,

I have added some new plugins to our creative server, and our prison server. The Creative plugin is called PartyManager. This will help the people who do roleplay talk to people in their party and have as many people as they would like in their party.

/party help- gives you all the commands
/party invite- invites a player to your party
/party join- lets you join the party you were invited to
/party leave- leave your current party
/party decline- declines the party invite
/party list- Displays your current party members
/party kick- kicks a player from your party
/party promote- promotes another player to the party leader
/party chat- allows you to toggle the party chat

On Prison the plugin is called EasySurface. Basically it allows all the players to teleport to the surface of the world. This has been a long time need for prison, so I thought I would add it!

/surface- teleports you to the surface...
by Zack0101 at 3:15 PM
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It has came to my attention that the old Skyblock plugin was slowly falling apart and was dying. So I have replaced that plugin with a clone plugin. This has caused me to reset all the islands. This has caused some people to lose their balance, or all their building perms, if you have a problem with either of these please pm, @Zack0101, @johnb165, or @mackwigg on the forums.

~Thanks, Zack0101, Head-Administrator
by ArmorofGlory at 9:20 PM
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As it's caught my attention, we have hit a bumpy road. All of your requests, reports, and feedback was NOT unnoticed as most of you have believed. I always value your feedback, however, I don't always have the time to act on it immediately. The decision has finally been made earlier today and this is what it states:

We will no longer have the Manager system, nor the new staff system. We are going back to Head-Admins and the old staff system with the Moderator and Admin positions.

Your new Head-Admins are...

Each of them will now need your undivided attention, support, and respect because of the latest changes. Rikashae is still greatly valued for his contribution to Slabcraft. Most of you have misread the past few weeks and rumors spread. Rikashae will no longer handle Staff relations or any Head-Adminstrative position.
We hope to achieve much success with this new set up.

Until next time,
by johnb165 at 7:18 PM
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As some of you may know, KitPVP earlier today has been griefed. We are aware of the damage that has been done, and we are currently working our hardest to fix all the damages that has been done. We are going to be restoring a backup that was made about a week ago, so nothing MAJOR would be gone. To compensate, we are going to be hosting Drop Parties, and you guys will be receiving a Double Coin Booster for a week.

Sorry for the downtime.

by Rileymoogoo at 9:54 AM
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Hey everyone, @Rileymoogoo here.

As a lot of you know St. Patty's day is coming up on the 17th of this month! To get into the spirit of it all, we will be having a couple drop party's at, 12PM EST (Or commonly known as "noon"), and then the last at 7:30PM EST. The DP's will be on all servers excluding Minigames, and Creative. I hope to see you all there!

Admins will also be making spawns seem more festive! There will be a day only sale on the 17th where the whole store will be having a 10% discount!

Some other notes are: Parkour was added to hub! Thank you to @blackowl88, @chubbybunny1224 for making such an amazing parkour course! Thank you to @crushmero for making the new skyblock PvP arena!

I'll be looking forward to getting in on the fun of the event, and I wish you the luck of the Irish! ;) Slab-On!
by Robert_Wolf at 11:36 PM
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Hey guys!
I am really excited to announce that our prison has just been updated! This update brings a new map, as well as an entirely new dynamic to prison! Featured in this update are new ranks, as well as a new mine/level system! More info on both follow, but here are some nice shots of the update!

One of the new things implemented is a new rank system! Like old prison, there are letter ranks you can buy, which span from A to Z. However, we also added buyable ranks that look awesome!
The bought ranks are as follows;
Mobster $10.00 USD
Perks Include:

Mobster Kit (/kit mobster)
Workbench Command (/workbench)
Color & Format Chat (Use minecraft color codes in chat)
$250,000 In-Game Money
100 Levels of XP
Mobster kit is as follows;
Sharp 3 Iron sword, Protection 1 Iron Armor, Unbreaking 5 Fortune 5 Efficiency 10 Iron Pickaxe, Unbreaking 5 Efficiency 5 Axe, 32 steak, 5 Golden Apples, 50 XP Potions...