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Welcome back prisoners,

The prison server has been reset as requested. For those of you who ask WHY we did this, well if it wasn't obvious around, the currency and items flowing around the server were jacked up. From previous server issues, hacked items stacked up and it killed the fun in the server, so now we reset it all back to normal.

In addition, I've set up an entire new economy system as well as a virtual shop. Everything is accessible in the PRISON GUI with /prison on the server. More ranks on the server will be coming soon, however to the ones that we currently do have the prices have been changed. Each rank has its own sell shop with their bonuses. All the rank shops go by a multiplier, making the it easier to earn money the higher rank you are.
There are no more cells. There were annoying, useless, and time consuming. In return, I've set up a plot world accessible by anyone on the server with /warp plots. Plots costs $5,000. Lastly, there are no Guards set on...
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Skyblock 2.0 is officially out and reset. Heres a quick look at the new lobby.

There's a few updates to the server including the shop, spawn, economy, and a few other things. We no longer have a physical shop you may go to, but instead a virtual trading /shop. The economy prices have been changed. Ranks have kept their kits and commands as before, but may have a few commands added in the near future. A new donor lounge will be opened shortly.

In addition, the sky block plugin has been updated as well. There's a ton of new features added to the game. For example, with /island (after you own an island) a GUI menu full of island options will appear.

I'd like to remind all of our old players, that everything was reset. Islands, inventories, warps, balances, enderchests, and anything else that you might of had saved. Donors that have purchased a rank previously will receive their items that they've donated for at their first login. Please remember to place those...
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Hey everyone,

Tavros here and I'd like to make sure that everyone has the ability and chance to vote for our us!
Voting helps the both of us. It promotes the server online, and rewards the player for casting their votes. You may vote at each website every 24 hours and claim your rewards.

For each vote you will be...
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Congratulations to everyone,

I'd like to thank all of our players for being part of our awesome community at Slabcraft. We value each and every one of our players. You've helped us grow finically and expand our servers by paying all of our server expenses. We couldn't ask for a more supportive community!

This weekend only I'll be giving everyone an online discount with,
Coupon code: MAKEITRAIN 20% OFF Entire Store.

Help us grow and promote our website for future online discounts and important announcements. I've seen lots of great feedback about our new site. It's nice to know you appreciate all of our work dedicated for the server. I'd like to note that our site is MOBILE and flexible on any device. Visit us online from anywhere at!

Thanks to all of our financial donors, helping and...
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Applications are now open. You may now submit an application.

To view the applications you must already be registered on the website. Log on and you'll seee the applications in two different locations.

You can find the applications on the top navbar or on the side bar circled in
After you've fill out an application, a new 'Applications' node will appear on your forums page circled in BLUE. Right after submitting your application, you'll also receive a message in GREEN to confirm the submission. An applicationbot will send you further instructions on how to view your application's status.

You may only submit an application once.

Thanks to everyone who applies, we truly appreciate it. We look for the best competing applicants to...
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Welcome back Slabcrafters!

Take the time to REGISTER. It's as easy as 1,2,3.
  • Click 'Sign-Up'
  • Fill out the form!
  • Validate the account via email!

It feels so good to be back. As you all have known, the website has been down for quite a while, and I'd like to apologize for that. There's been quite a handful amount of twists and turns concerning the site. I'd like to just touch up only the key facts.

Originally, we were going to code a fully custom written, never-seen before website. BeastlyJman, the developer, was up for the job and spent hours a day working on the project. As time went on, I've realized it's taking over the actual server gameplay. Too much of our time and concern was going to the site instead of the actual server. And so I've ended the custom site project in order to bring something to the plate. Although we greatly appreciate and thank...