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by ArmorofGlory at 5:27 PM
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Much of you have requested an updatedHub. Today we've released a more modern, detailed, yet elegant hub. It's main focus is to showcase all of the servers at a glance when you join. All of the servers have a designated portal just as before, but are all together in one lobby.

A few additions have been made to the hub. Donors may still fly in hub, however we've unlocked all of the /trails for them. All you have to do is become a donor on Slabcraft by purchasing any rank you'd like. There's also an informative book we've included you may click on for quick information about us. The chat is now enabled for everyone. I hope you all love the great new hub and stop by to play!
by Rikashae619 at 8:39 AM
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1st: MineCraftkid2087
3rd: 420BlazinItSwaG

Thank you for participating in the Annual Purge!

Hello Crafters,

I would like to inform you of our annual purge taking place on November 8th-November 9th. The purge is a event we have every year on the Slabcraft prison server where all are PvP rules are lifted aside from hacking. This allows you to go and attack anyone without fear of the guards getting in the way.

The activities that will be going on during the purge are:

Pvp/kills Contest:
by Tittan0101 at 11:01 PM
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~~~~~~~ Factions has updated!~~~~~~~

That is right, Slabcraft has finally released its new and improved factions with an all new hardcore system. Say goodbye to the old OP kits and say hello to the new hardcore kits, allowing factions to be more fair for all of our players. An all new crate system has also been added for all of the players to have access to, from common crates all the way to ultra-rare crates, who knows what kind of items will be given out.

With everything reset, all has been started over, factions is now hardcore which means all must be earned by surviving and earning money, most importantly, you all get to work your way to being the best faction out there and dominate the factions world. But that does not mean we do not want your guys opinions still, if you have any...​
by ArmorofGlory at 1:01 PM
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As much as we love our server, we love the community even more! In honor of that, we're starting to give away prizes to give back! It's very simple and there's two ways you can win.

The first contest is Voting. Players with the MOST Votes at the end of the month will win prizes. You MUST have a total of 100 votes or more to qualify for any of the prizes. There's a total of 5 links to vote on daily, resulting in a maximum of 150 votes per month! Where do I vote?

Prizes for the Top Voters
1st - $40.00 Store credit
2nd - $30.00 Store credit
3rd - $20.00 Store credit
4th - $10.00 Store credit
5th - Website acknowledgement

The second contest is based upon player activity. We value all of our players, but some of the players come back more then others. For this contest, we'd like to reward our most active players! Your online time will be tracked every time you're logged on. Don't worry, AFKing is not permitted and the server...
by ArmorofGlory at 2:23 PM
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As promised, I'm still around fixing things around the server as always. We now have Septango, our Head-Administrator, helping out in a variation of duties around the network. We are planning to keep updating our servers without a cease.

KitPVP was recently updated to all of your requests. You spoke and we acted just of what was best out of your suggestions. The point that I'm trying to make, is the more feedback we have of what you want, you'll get. We spend our time making the server for the community to play and enjoy. I don't have much time to play around the server as I would like to, but I still love making them for Slabcraft.

Factions is the core of Slabcraft. It started back in 2012 and it still runs. As you already know, the server is dying out. Not as many people are interested in the server anymore wether because it's too OP or other reasons you may have. We want to have your feedback for the next update we release....
by Septango at 9:45 PM
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Greetings New Head-Admin Septango or more commonly know Chris here to let you guys/gals know what has been happening behind the scenes at Slabcraft. We wanted the voice of the community to be a bigger input to better the server. So we took a vote to decide what the community wanted to see on the kitpvp update whether or not to keep the course that we were heading or change for the betterment of the community. The community was split in two and the decision was left up to the staff. We decided to change it to the old ways with minor differences to make the map less "Op" and to make the kitpvp map feel like old times.

On a side note we added in new kits and commands for cosmetics, called trails. They include many different textures and images like the heart trail shown here by admin Megacatlover.

But that map is here to stay hopefully we can take more of the community votes in the future to make Slabcraft a better place to be and to play. Hopefully we can listen and grow better as a...
by ArmorofGlory at 9:41 PM
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Greetings my fellow friends,

I'd like to take the time to play catch up. The time I've had before has become very constricted. I'm just like anyone of you here. I go to school and have to study hard. Getting on a more personal note, I'm in very high classes with lots of assignments to get by to and complete. I won't even bother talking about all the other things that I participate in. In short, I'm busy.

Where does that leave SlabCraft?
Don't get me wrong. I love this server. In every aspect of it because I've made it. I know how the server runs from head to toe. I can't believe it's been such a success and 2.5 years later it's still running with a great community. I do not plan on leaving it at anytime soon.

Is Slabcraft going downhill?
Believe me, I think I'm one of the very few that care so much for the network. I know that we've went from 200 players to 400 to 600 and now it's back down to 150. Why? Not as much attention has been...
by HYPERPIXEL56 at 1:11 PM
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Hey it is hyper here bringing you the update on all the slabcraft information.

-New Map
-New Kits
-Soup PvP
-Less Op

===========================The New Map===============================

This time on the kit pvp, server the theme is outrageous and it has a nice western vibe. This map is awesome and it is worth the time and energy to play this new map!



=============================New Kits================================
These Kits Are Original and it makes the kits less op so defaults do not get killed with one hits from the donators...
by ArmorofGlory at 11:27 AM
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Hello everyone,

As for the majority of the community we're either back in school or will be going back very shortly. It's very depressing knowing that summer is over. I'd like to make a final sale summer 2k14 that will be effective this weekend only. (August 29 - August 31)

Everything in the store will be 25% OFF. On all packages, ranks, pets, you name it!
All you have to do is use our coupon code: SUMMER2014

Select the packages you want at '' and checkout with the coupon code mentioned above.
It was a great summer, but now it's time to get back to work. Cheers!
by ArmorofGlory at 3:08 PM
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Greetings everyone,

The flatcore server is now shut down. It was a great, fun, and challenging experience making the game, but it's time to move on for a few reasons. As you already know, our network runs on several servers hosted in a data center, which are the actual servers you connect to. Flatcore was our latest addition and required a powerful server to host it. It was set up on an additional machine with an additional expense. We've left the server running for quite a while and the incoming donations can't keep up with it's needs.

A lot of your donations went to the development of the game and it's further production. When it came out, we expected the server to fund itself from it's own donations. We've tried monthly memberships, cheaper deals, and permanent ranks. None of which have had much success. In order to save some expenses, it's sad to say, but the flatcore server is now closed.

No other details are being released about...