by ArmorofGlory at 8:28 PM
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I'd like to inform each and every one of you that there will be new updates coming out shortly. We're planning to release Factions first. Currently, we are working to perfect the minor things like kits and other changes that you'll notice. The server will be a regular factions server (NON-OP) Just like any other update, new maps will be provided :)

Prison is still under the process of being built. The build team is doing an amazing job of completing all of its mines that are required with the many ranks. Overall, everything on prison will be new. We still have everyone's rank on record, however, there's an idea to reset everyone's Prison rank to A and start over as a full reset. Donors will keep their ranks.

Please cast your vote if you think Prison's ranks should be reset with the update or kept the same where you've left of in the old prison before it's been closed. All your feedback is very much appreciated.

Look out for great updates to come..
by ArmorofGlory at 10:54 AM
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The past few days have been choppy and bothersome with the incoming DDOS attacks, however, that's been put to an end. Specialists have allowed us to ensure our security measures are up to date and are now capable to out-do DDOS attacks. From this point on, the server should be fine. If we were to be attacked again you would possibly experience a slight decrease in performance which is completely normal, however, you'll still be able to connect and play. We're still currently reviewing and ensuring there's nothing more we can do to prevent future attacks.

Over the past few days there's also been multiple problems with the server's hard disk. All of our content is stored onto these disks. Unfortunately, there's been a problem that erased some of our data. When the hard disk was overloaded smaller files that store things such as your economy balance and chest were reset. Servers like War and Skywars need repairing. Smaller contents have been corrupted and...
by johnb165 at 9:55 PM
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The long waited Creative update is finally here!

This update brings a lot of old features as well as new changes to the server. We have taken a bunch of requests on what should be added and changed and we were amazed with some feedback the community as well as staff has given us. Finally, I would like to say, if you find any bugs or something that isn't working, please report it to a staff member.

New spawn

We have added a new spawn with the update as requested and contains some important information on playing in the new creative.

In this new and updated spawn, you will find, the up to date staff board, ranks, and basic commands to help you get started on creative.

Ticket System
We have added back the old and long requested ticketing system for users to upgrade their plots. We have added 3 ranks to the ranking up system (Member, Advanced, and Master, all in chronological order in which is the highest). Please note,...