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Greetings fellow SlabCrafters,

Today I am here to talk to you about what we have planned for the 3 Year Anniversary of SlabCraft!!! Well first off I would like to thank the operators, and helpers of this event. Please be sure to thank @Zack0101, @Higgs28, @garryboy333, @Vestinock, @Robert_Wolf, and @ProxyDetected for their amazing help with planning this event! There will also be a 25%+ coupon on the entire store!

Now to get to the explanation of this event. This 3 Year Anniversary will not be a single day of events. Oh no no no, instead A WHOLE WEEK OF EVENTS!!! This week will start on Monday, May 4th, 2015. Below is a run down on what will be happening on what day. All of these events will be supporting SlabCraft, and it is also a way to get all of your friends to join SlabCraft and have a great time!

Monday, May 4th, 2015:
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Hello friends! Mack here. Lately, Ive noticed some lack of detail and overall care with applications. They're becoming sloppy, and hardly legible. Heres what I personally look for in an application.

1.) How much effort you made with length. We can all write one word to a sentence, its more impressive to go above and beyond with length. Impress us and show us how much you want the position by maybe writing a paragraph. 4-6 sentences is perfect length.

2.) Everything you do to your application reflects how we see you as a person. I can't stress it enough! USE GRAMMAR! I can hardly stand looking at an application that fails to at least try using a period, or a comma. Think of the application as what you'd write as a school paper, or a fancy job interview.

3.) Many of you apply more than once a month, honestly it looks very unprofessional and desperate. Some of you do a very good job at making sure you apply once...
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Greetings Ladies and Gents,

I present to you... Drumroll please...


This update adds a new a hub and 3 new maps. Sadly the old ones had to go to make space for these 3 new ones. Whats in this update you may ask? Over the course of the week, we ask you guys to report any bugs to any minigame staff member, or here on the forums. Yes we know about that torch glitch and we are working on a fix for it

Make sure to thank: @johnb165, @Vestinock , @ProxyDetected, @Waffles4Days and @iConnect_ for bringing you guys this update. Without them, this wouldn't be possible.

- 4 team map (Islands)
- Abandoned (Map)
- Castle (Map)
- Shears to all kits

- Hunger
- Old maps
- Strength Potions
- Bread (Infinite Hunger now)

Whats to come in the near future? As part of the Minigames update, we are in the progress of updating Skywars, which will be part 2 of this update....